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83 Times Johnny Depp Lied Under Cross-Examination



Depp lied over 80 times during cross-examination in a Fairfax, Virginia courtroom. Here is each instance.

Under cross-examination last week by Amber Heard’s lawyer, Benjamin Rottenborn, Johnny Depp was inconsistent with prior testimony and lied over 80 times. In a Geekbuzz exclusive, we have each of Depp’s untruthful utterances. These are in the order in which they were said, and we encourage everyone to listen to the cross-examination themselves.

1: Testified dad wasn’t abusive to him only his mum and his dad just punched walls 3 TIMES and “shattered his hand”

LIE – His father did hit him PUNCHED Johnny Depp in the face and knocked him down after asking Depp to walk dog or take out garbage “Something meaningless” Depp says.

2: Depp agrees he has done pills with Bettany not XANAX, ADDERALL

LIE: He did do xanax with Bettany. UK testimony shows. DEPP admits he would give Bettany XANAX and shared and enjoyment of controlled drugs and alcohol. Whatever drugs Bettany needed.

3. Depp said Amber only disagreed with Depp doing drugs based on her perception of Depp doing drugs which was a wrong perception.

June 11 2013 Bettany text. Depp texts lets drown, burn Amber and “I will fuck her burnt corpse to make sure she is dead”

LIE: Depp agreed to doing drugs with Bettany. His rage in the text is based on Amber not wanting to Depp to do drugs. It wasn’t based on Ambers perception as Depp was doing drugs with Bettany. He WAS. Plane texts may 30th. Drank all night no food for days, vodka etc screaming obsenities and insulting people but pills are fine.

4: Depp claims the monster is Ambers word about her perception of Depp on substances or not. Depp claims its her click word. Claims its her word.

LIE: 2012 text to Elton John “I would have been swallowed up by the monster if not for you” Depps use of the word here confirms another lie.

5: Claimed before never abusive towards any woman ever. But has already agreed verbal abuse is abuse.

LIE: Was abusive towards Amber and vicariously Whitney. Texted Whitney “I never want to lay my eyes on that filthy whore Amber”

6: Depp denies using the word monster.

Text from Jerry Judge April 26th 2015: “Lovely seeing you so happy”

LIE: Depp response: “All Ihad to do was send the monster away and lock him up”

7: Depp denies monster is a word he uses.

Text to Kipper – June 28th 2015
“I’ve locked my monster child away and it has worked”

8: Depp doesn’t use the word monster

LIE: Text to S. Deuters: may 14th 2015.

“Don’t worry the monster is not involved”

9: Depp doesn’t use the word monster

LIE: Text to S Deuters Oct 2013

“She thinks my Peruvian period has made me a monster” ie Cocaine period

10: Depp doesn’t use the word monster

LIE: Unknown recipient text from Depp

“I shall exit a monster” Texts about doing drugs specifically E.

11. When asked is Depp’s employees will do anything for Depp, even obtain illegal drugs, Depp denies his employees do anything he wants. Testifies they aren’t yes men.

LIE: Testimony from UK: There are people who work for you who will supply you with drugs even though it is illegal? Depp said YES.

12: Depp denies drug box contained cocaine as it would go everywhere and leave a trail of cocaine.

LIE: UK Testimony “I do remember the box….yes that is a box I was carrying cocaine in it”

13: Depp Denies being late to a documentary he was filming, as he wasn’t needed.

LIE: Agrees he was late due to an argument with Amber. He was drinking WHISKEY and accusing her of cheating.

14: Denies he has employees who are yes men who deliver drugs.

LIE: Text to Deuters asking where the baggy of drugs is. Deuters tells him where he gave it to Depp. Deuters remembers Depp saying “I know what to do with it”

15. Denies he has employees who are yes men who deliver drugs.

LIE: Depp and Marilyn Manson text about getting drugs delivered to Melbourne.

16: Depp denies sister concerned or privy to his drug use.

LIE: UK TRIAL Depp says his sister spoke many times about his drug use since he was a child.

17: Depp denies drinking heavy at end of relationship with Vanessa Paradis

LIE: Rehab for alcohol, Depp said in the UK trial it was a painful time and Depp agrees he was “Abusing alcohol for SURE”

18: Depp says Amber wasn’t supportive of his sobriety.

LIE: Texts produced showing Depp said only Amber got him sober!!! Thanking her for getting him sober.

19: Depp claims he was never abusive to Vanessa Paradis or any woman.

LIE: Text Elton John calling Vanessa and “EX CUNT” and “French Extortionist.” UK testimony from Ellen Barkin in which he threw a bottle at her head.

20: Depp claims his kids didn’t like Amber Depp.

LIE: 2013 text to Elton John saying his kids are head over heals in love with Amber.

21: Depp denies Amber was supportive of getting him sober

LIE: Audio played of Amber and Depp talking. Amber says to Depp she was on the other side of the door all night worried he would vomit in his sleep. Depp asks if he does vomit in his sleep in audio. He doesn’t even know. Amber says if he doesn’t know he has an even bigger problem that she first thought. She is clearly worried and trying to help him stay alive!!

22: Depp claimed Amber didn’t want him sober.

LIE: BLACK MASS Boston Milkshake photo was taken to show Depp how bad his opiate problem has become.

23: Depp denies taking Opiates to get high.

LIE: He texted Erin, one of Dr Kipper’s nurses, who messaged him saying she was watching Black Mass…Depp texted back “I was high as a mother fucker when I made that film HAHAHA”

24: Depp says destroying and taking out his anger on things was  something he only did when younger.

LIE: April 2019 Deuters text. “I got drunk and destroyed my room”

25: During testimony on the events in Hicksville, Depp denies knowing a Kelly Sue Millano

LIE: He immediately says she was sitting too close too Amber for his liking. So Depp knew exactly who Amber’s counsel were talking about.

26: Depp Denies removing Kellysues hand from Amber and yelling that Amber is “My girl”. Says it is incorrect.

LIE: UK transcript –  Depp was asked how he dealt with this event: “I removed kellysue’s hand from Ambers body..” “That is My girl”

27: Denies being abusive on plane from Boston to LA

LIE: Text to Bettany he showed ugly colors and was insane on flight drinking, drugs. Pills

28: Depp said he wasn’t jealous of who she spend time with when filming.

LIE: On the night before the Boston plane flight he agreed in UK transcripts he likely had a heated discussion about a scene with James Franco. He agrees he thought they had an affair.

29: Doesn’t recall being ill after Boston plane flight.

LIE: UK TRANSCRIPTS shown to Depp who agrees it does show he was ill after the plane flight but not that he was ill on the plane…. THAT WASN’T THE QUESTION the question was AFTER the plane flight.

30: Depp claims he wasn’t abusive on that flight.

LIE: Texts to Amber shown including Depp apologizing saying he doesn’t know what he did and needs to get better.

31: Depp claims no drink or drugs on flight.

LIE: Depp texts show he told Bettany he was on pills and powders. Drunk two bottles of Champagne, whiskey and in a blackout.

32: Depp disagrees he was in a blackout on plane flight.

LIE: UK transcript agrees he wouldn’t have told Bettany he had a blackout if he hadn’t.

33: Depp does not agree he was drunk on the flight.

LIE: UK Transcripts Depp said “Sure” when asked if he had done drink and drugs before and during the Boston flight.

34: Depp denies being in a blackout

LIE: Howling Depp plane audio with perfect metadata played. Depp agrees it is his voice howling.

35: Depp denies audio is from plane flight

LIE: Metadata proves it is

36: He wasn’t sick on drugs on flight

LIE: Decided to detox on the island with Dr Kipper due to plane incident

37: Claims Jerry Judge didn’t say “Stay with this fucking idiot in case he gets sick”

LIE: He does and Depp agrees its Jerry Judges voice

38: Again Denies Amber supportive of Depp getting sober and clean.

LIE: Text to Amber’s mother. “I couldn’t have made it without her” “I wouldn’t be alive” “It was Amber and Amber only who got me through this”

39: Depp told Virginia court by Australia Feb 2015 he was 18 months sober.

LIE: He testified in in the UK he was drunk on plane flight. May 2014.

40: Depp caught lying on Disney cast insurance form Feb 11th 2005.

LIE: Depp signed the cast insurance medical certificate Feb 11th 2015 – “In last 12 months have you used illegal substances whether prescribed by a physician or not.” Depp testified in UK trial he took illegal substances in this time.

41: Depp claims Amber ruined his relationship with Disney regarding Pirates of the Caribbean

LIE: Depp’s text to Deuters whilst working on Pirates 5 in Australia “Honestly, I will not again be doing anything……having whored for all these wasted pieces of shit….every cunting fight…every fucking time….I held my rage down” Depp was angry about the Pirates 5 screenplay.

42: Depp denied he had used any drugs other than marijuana before Amber arrived in Australia

LIE: Depp was having Nathan Holmes (personal assistant) do a drug run of cocaine to Depp.

43: Depp denied he had used any drugs other than marijuana before Amber arrived in Australia

LIE: Text Nathan to get happy pills from Marilyn Mansons assistant/ drug dealer Ryan.

44: Depp denied he had used any drugs other than marijuana before Amber arrived in Australia

LIE: Depp text Stephen Deuters about a wee baggee of drugs you have for me from Ryan / Munsons (MANSON)

45: Depp denied he had used any drugs other than marijuana before Amber arrived in Australia

LIE: Anyone of you guys try to lecture me (about drugs) I am a grown man….I’ll do whatever I damn well please. “I’m not unhappy, I’m insane” Depp requests can HE be ecstatic again. Requests ecstasy from Nathan.

46: Depp denied he had used any drugs other than marijuana before Amber arrived in Australia

LIE: “Need more whitey stuff and the E business. I am in bad bad shape. Say nothing to nobody”

46: Depp testified Miss Heard wanted Ecstasy….

LIE: Depp requested to Nathan “he get ecstatic again” in text

47: Depp testified Miss Heard wanted Ecstasy not him….

LIE: Depp requested cocaine and ecstasy for HIMSELF from his Dr right after his finger was cut

48: Depp denied asking for more ecstacy…

LIE: In UK transcripts Depp agrees he was asking for cocaine and ecstasy

49: Depp denies drawing a penis on a painting – Says Amber added to his drawing so it’s just as likely Amber drew the penis on the painting

LIE: UK transcripts – I recall a painting – I remember dunking my finger in paint and I could have defaced the painting i suppose

50: Depp remembers what happened during the finger incident

LIE: Says in Virginia under oath he first knew his fingertip was gone when he saw blood over sofa and carpets

51: Depp remembers what happened during the finger incident

LIE: Depp couldn’t recall the painting at all in Virginia. Depp could recall a painting in the UK trial. But couldn’t recall what he did.

52: Depp said isn’t jealous of who Amber socializes with at work

LIE: Mirror finger paint “Starring Billy Bob and Easy Amber” Depp was jealous of her acting with famous men.

53: Asked if he has ever seen Amber self harm Depp says it depends on the definition as its so broad.

LIE: In the UK he was asked the same question. Depp responded “No, no”

54: Depp testified he told hospital staff he injured his finger in an accordion door.

LIE: On medical records Depp told the hospital staff he accidently cut his finger with a kitchen knife

55: Depp gave testimony in Virginia that he told Dr Kipper Amber cut his finger

LIE: Untrue. On more than one occasion he told Dr kipper he cut off his own finger. Texts messages produced in court confirmed this. Depp lied. Yet again.

56: Amber cut Depp’s finger off

LIE: He told Dr Kippers nurse he cut his own finger in a text. Read to the Virginia court.

57: Amber cut Depp’s finger off

LIE: New audio recording played Depp says “The day that I chopped my finger off” to Amber in private.

58: Depp claims to not be insecure about Amber socializing with other people

LIE: In Uk trial he said her socializing with other people occasionally did make him feel jealous

59: Depp claims to not be insecure about Amber socializing with other people

LIE: Audio of Johnny and Amber Depp played says “I become irrational when you are doing movies I become jealous, fucking crazy and weird. And we fight a lot more”

60: Depp claims to not be insecure about Amber socializing with other people

LIE: Depp wrote jealous abuse on countertop on gold Sharpie pen at ECB. Depp admits this to court.

61: Depp denies headbutting Amber Heard, claims he restrained her from behind and heads just bumped.

LIE: Audio played to court “I headbutted you in the fucking forehead” Amber says “I couldn’t believe you did that” Depp confesses on tape. Quite different!!

62: Depp denies beating Amber

LIE: New audio recording played Amber telling Johnny her family has seen her bruises and injuries from Depp.

63: Depp denies abuse in fights.

LIE: Creepy text to Amber’s dad from Johnny shown to court. He apologizes and wrote “Yes I fucked up I went too far in our fight” Depp apologizes and says it will never happen again. This relates to Amber saying her family has seen her injuries in the previous audio.

64: Depp always splits from arguments with Heard, he claims

LIE: MARCH 9th 2013 – Amber has split after an argument. Depp texts Whitney “Slightly grim morning” Text. Amber is not responding to Depp. Text shown to court.

65: Depp denies abusing Amber

LIE: Court shown kitchen video “You wanna see crazy” Depp threatens Amber as he violently smashes glasses in kitchen

66: Depp claims Amber smiles and laughs at the end of the kitchen video.

LIE: She doesn’t.

67: Depp ridicules Ben Rottenbon for using the term “mega pint” to describe the large glass of wine he poured himself

TRUTH: Depp himself called it a MEGA PINT in the ukUK transcripts.

68: Depp asked if he is bigger than Amber “I wouldn’t say that”

LIE: Of course he is. Pathological lying on the stand here.

69: Depp claims he did not try to intimidate Amber in kitchen video

LIE: “Wanna see crazy” threat is intimidation

70: Depp claims not to be abusive to Amber and to be a Southern Gentleman.

LIE: Honda Civic rotting corpse Texts written by Depp read to court

71: Depp claims not to be abusive to Amber and to be a Southern Gentleman.

LIE: Text written by Depp calling Amber a cunt he donated his jizz too.

72: Depp claims not to be abusive to Amber and to be a Southern Gentleman.

LIE: Text from Depp to Amber apologising including his rationale on his actions “I feel hurt, I will hurt back”

73: Depp claims not to be abusive to Amber and to be a Southern Gentleman

LIE: Text sent by Depp after letter communication with Amber “The only reason we go for the throat is love” Amber texts “You are going to be the death of me” Depp texts “I have other uses for your throat that do not include injury” Clearly he has injured her throat previously. As spoken of in audio tape that Depp had his hands round Ambers throat and she thought she was going to die “on accident”

74: Depp claims not to be abusive to Amber and to be a Southern Gentleman

LIE: Depp apologizes in notebook they wrote messages to each other in, apologizing for “vicious untruths” he spoke for the sole reason of “hurting you.” Depp apologizes for the shameless, disgraceful and odious error.

75: Depp claims not to be abusive to Amber and to be a Southern Gentleman

LIE: Tape played “I hate you, you’re a cunt” Followed by Depp gagging and spitting.

76: Depp claims not to be abusive to Amber and to be a Southern Gentleman

LIE: “You sicken me” text read out. Depp calls Amber a lesbian camp counselor.

77: Depp claims homophobia wasn’t so egregious in 2013

LIE: Clearly Depp was insulting Amber using homophobic slurs which were offensive at the time. That was the point of the text.

78: Depp claims not to be abusive to Amber

LIE: All my love and profound apologies – May 22 apology texts read to court

79: Depp claims not to be abusive to Amber

LIE: My apologies are eternal and belong to you apology texts read out for may 21st incident

80: Depp claims not to have abused Amber emotionally and physically

LIE: Knife audio played. Depp tries to get Amber to cut him, Amber refuses “Why would i do that?” Amber says. Amber tries to get Depp to put down the knife. Depp says “Do you wanna be cut?? Do you?? It’s going to court” “Not on my arms” Says Amber. Amber then protests that the knife is blunt and it will be painful if he cuts her with it. Amber says “I would never cut you” Again disproving Depps finger claims.

81: Depp didn’t know Disney were considering removing him or dramatically reducing his role in Pirates 6.

LIE: This had already become international news that Depp was out of Pirates 6. 2 months before OP ED. Depp then confirms “It’s odd they were gonna release me” due to the fact they still sold Captain Jack Sparrow merchandise and had theme park rides related to the character still operating.

82: Depp says Amber’s allegations lost him the Pirates role…

LIE: Depp said he wouldn’t go back for “300 million dollars or a million alpacas.” Magazine article claiming Depp was out as Captain Jack Sparrow, dated two months before Heard’s ope-ed,read aloud in court

83: Depp says Amber made false allegations of domestic abuse for money in divorce

LIE: Depp signed a divorce document that read “Neither party has made false accusations for financial gain”



Tina Turner survived an abusive relationship with Ike and death of two sons




Tina Turner escaped an abusive relationship to find true love with her second husband, Erwin Bach.

The singer, who passed away aged 83 on Wednesday following an unspecified illness, was in a relationship with the record executive for 38 years. The pair married in 2013.

Tina had publicly praised Erwin for helping her find happiness after fleeing from her first marriage to husband, Ike Turner, which was plagued with physical and emotional abuse.

Ike first met Tina when she was a vulnerable teenager named Annie Mae Bullock. He renamed her Tina, and went on to form the musical duo, Ike & Tina Turner. According to Tina, he micromanaged her career, withheld her finances and beat her while she was pregnant.

After filing for divorce in 1978, Tina was left in debt and had her children to support. She went on to establish a successful solo career.

The songstress met Erwin in 1985 when he was working as an executive with EMI. The pair had an instant connection the moment they met, when he arrived to collect her from Düsseldorf airport.

She said Erwin had taught her how “to love without giving up who I am”, and that he had never been intimidated by her fame or success. He even donated a kidney to her in April 2017, which saved her life.

Writing in her book, Happiness Becomes You: A Guide to Changing Your Life for Good, Tina said: “Falling in love with my husband, Erwin, was another exercise in leaving my comfort zone, of being open to the unexpected gifts that life has to offer.

“The day I first met Erwin, at an airport in Germany, I should have been too tired from my flight, too preoccupied with thoughts of my concert tour. But I did notice him, and I instantly felt an emotional connection.

“Even then, I could have ignored what I felt — I could have listened to the ghost voices in my head telling me that I didn’t look good that day, or that I shouldn’t be thinking about romance because it never ends well. Instead, I listened to my heart.”

Tina’s spokesman confirmed she died “peacefully” at home and added: “With her, the world loses a music legend and a role model. With her music and her inexhaustible vitality, Tina Turner thrilled millions of fans and inspired many artists of subsequent generations.”

[ via ]

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Tina Turner: legendary rock’n’roll singer dies aged 83




Tina Turner, the pioneering rock’n’roll star who became a pop behemoth in the 1980s, has died aged age of 83 after a long illness, her publicist has told the PA news agency.
Turner affirmed and amplified Black women’s formative stake in rock’n’roll, defining that era of music to the extent that Mick Jagger admitted to taking inspiration from her high-kicking, energetic live performances for his stage persona. After two decades of working with her abusive husband, Ike Turner, she struck out alone and – after a few false starts – became one of the defining pop icons of the 1980s with the album Private Dancer. Her life was chronicled in three memoirs, a biopic, a jukebox musical, and in 2021, the acclaimed documentary film, Tina.

“Turner’s musical character has always been a charged combination of mystery as well as light, melancholy mixed with a ferocious vitality that often flirted with danger,” scholar Daphne A Brooks wrote for the Guardian in 2018.
Turner was born Anna Mae Bullock on 26 November 1939 and raised in Nutbush, Tennessee, where she recalled picking cotton with her family as a child. She sang in the tiny town’s church choir, and as a teenager talked – or rather, sang – her way into Ike’s band in St Louis: he had declined her request to join until he heard her seize the microphone during a Kings of Rhythm performance for a rendition of BB King’s You Know I Love You.
She had suffered ill health in recent years, being diagnosed with intestinal cancer in 2016 and having a kidney transplant in 2017.

‘I was just tired of singing and making everybody happy’ … Tina Turner performs at the O2 Arena, London, in 2009. Photograph: Stefan Wermuth/Reuters

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Gerald Castillo, ‘Saved By the Bell’ and ‘General Hospital’ Actor, Dies at 90




Veteran stage and screen actor Gerald Castillo, who appeared in major TV series including “Saved By the Bell,” “General Hospital,” “Hill Street Blues,” “M*A*S*H” and “Dallas,” died May 4 at his home in Houston. He was 90.

Known for his work as Major Slater on “Saved by the Bell” and Judge Davis Wagner on “General Hospital,” Castillo developed a following for his roles in the two series.

Born in Chicago on Dec. 23, 1932, Gerald studied acting and stage direction at the Goodman Theater. Following his education, he acted on stages all across the nation, performing opposite Sherman Hemsley, Rita Moreno, Jessica Tandy, James Broderick and Jeanne Crain. After performing with Hemsley, “The Jeffersons” star convinced Castillo to pursue a film and TV career in Los Angeles.

Castillo then appeared in several feature films, including “Delta Force II,” “Kinjite,” “Death Wish IV,” “State of Emergency,” “Through Naked Eyes,” and “Above Suspicion.”

Castillo also guest starred in several TV series, including “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “Hill Street Blues,” “M*A*S*H,” “Dallas,” “Knots Landing,” “The Jeffersons,” “Night Court,” “Simon and Simon” and many more.

The screen and stage performer also worked as a stage director at numerous theaters in Los Angeles and Ventura County, including the Santa Paula Theater.

Castillo’s wife of 36 years, Danya Quinn-Castillo noted, “Many of the actors he worked with remember him as a charismatic and insightful director who would jingle the change in his pocket while he pondered a scene, then leap onto the stage to work out the blocking or whisper in an actor’s ear. He was revered for providing the support and guidance that allowed actors to fully develop their characters on stage.”

In 2012 he retired from acting and moved to Houston.

He was predeceased by his only child, daughter, Lisa Palmere.

Castillo is survived by his wife, grandson Brian Palmere, granddaughter Stephanie Palmere, great-grandson Allen Palmere and his twin brother, Bernie Castillo.

[ via ]

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