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BTS Break Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards Record, Claim 4 New Guinness World Records Titles



📸: BTS

The Nickelodeon Triumph Brings BTS’ Guinness World Records  Count To four New Titles the first four months of 2022. 

South Korea band, BTS  have bettered their previous most Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards blimps won by a music group title after breaking the record for the second year in a row.

They secured the title during the 35th Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards ( also known as KCA), which took place in Santa Monica, California on 9 April 2022.

The Bangtan Boys conquered the KCA blimp as Favorite Music Group for the third year in a row – a win that KCA’s official Twitter account defined (winking at the record-breaking song) smooth like “Butter”.

After last year’s success, this win brought their number of blimps to six. 

The result didn’t only surpass BTS’ current record of five victories, but also broke the tie with the American pop and R&B girl group Fifth Harmony. This crowned BTS as the group with the highest number of KCA nods overall ever.

Moreover, taking home the accolade meant that the septet have tied with The Black Eyed Peas (US), One Direction (UK), and Fifth Harmony (US) in becoming a three-time Favorite Music Group winner.

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Black Eyed Peas and One Direction lost the most Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards blimps won by a music group record title to BTS and Fifth Harmony last year. 

One Direction secured the award in 2013, 2014 and 2015, while Black Eyed Peas claimed it non-consecutively in 2007, 2010 and 2011. 

Since the group is currently performing in Las Vegas for their Permission To Dance on Stage world tour, BTS didn’t have the chance to attend the ceremony in person

However, they still thanked KCA and their fanbase through a pre-recorded video, dedicating the win to the ever-loyal ARMY and their continuous support.

“This award is for you, ARMY. We’ve been touched by your love and cheer,” said Jimin as the group collectively thanked the KCA and their fans. 

“We love you, ARMY,” added V.

But Favorite Music Group isn’t the only Kids’ Choice Awards category where BTS have triumphed in the last few years. 

From 2018 until today, the pop group have racked up several accolades in the following KCA categories: 

  • Favorite Global Music Star (2018 and 2021)
  • Favorite Music Group (2020, 2021 and 2022) 
  • Favorite Song for “Dynamite” (2021)

Pop icons, ambassadors for mental health campaigns and Hall of Famers for the Guinness World Records 2022 book, the Bangtan Boys have become a steady presence at Guinness World Records as they continuously push the boundaries of music and social media achievements. 

Only in the first months of 2022, after V’s Instagram success in December 2021, BTS as a group have already claimed three new Guinness World Records titles:

  • Most followers on Instagram for a music group
  • Most followers on Twitter for a music group
  • Most followers on TikTok for a music group

Their recent Nickelodeon triumph brings BTS’ record count to four new titles achieved in the first four months of 2022. 

Suga said upon receiving their latest KCA award that the band will “never, ever stop trying their best” and, most likely, won’t stop breaking records too.

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