Later on in the Second Age, Círdan, like Galadriel, is hesitant to forge the rings of power, his foresight likely showing him hints of the rings’ future and Annatar/Sauron’s true intentions. But when Sauron’s plan is ultimately revealed, Círdan puts aside his hesitation to wield the Elven ring Narya – the ring of fire. Círdan also fights alongside Gil-galad once again as his lieutenant in the Last Alliance of Elves and Men. After Sauron is defeated in the Second Age, Círdan is one of the Elves, along with Elrond, who urges Isildur to throw the One Ring into Mount Doom. We all know how that went.

After losing his friend Gil-galad in the war against Sauron in the Second Age, Círdan retreats to Grey Havens, where he rules over the city through the Third and Fourth Ages. He eventually gives Narya to Gandalf and helps the Third Age ring bearers go west from Grey Havens after their journey to Mordor is complete.

In other words, including Círdan in The Rings of Power season 2 is a no-brainer for the series. There aren’t many Elves in Tolkien’s work that live for as long as he does, and his history in Tolkien’s work is very much intertwined with several of the stories being explored on the show. It’ll be particularly interesting to see how he’s integrated into The Rings of Power‘s main plot — the forging of the magical rings themselves — and what that all reveals about his relationship with Gil-galad.