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If Suffering Was a Sport, These 7 Anime Characters Would Win



Some anime characters go through a lot to eventually defeat their enemies and stay happy forever. But the ones in this article can’t relate. Overall best in suffering, all of them.

Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul)

Anime fans probably watched Tokyo Ghoul and decided never to go on a date. My bro thought he found love, went on a date and almost got eaten by the babe, who was a ghoul. After almost dying, all his organs were replaced by ghoul organs. Then he had to watch the illusion of his happy home crumble and his friends get tortured. Your hair would turn white too, if you had to go through all he did.

Natsuki Subaru (Re: Zero)

Imagine being transported to a universe that resets every time you reincarnate. Sounds fun, except Subaru always died in the most ridiculously painful ways. He’s been ripped apart by carnivorous bunnies, melted alive; he’s died more than 15 times in the span of hours, and he can’t tell anyone. My guy stays wishing for actual death that never comes.

Levi Ackerman (Attack on Titan)

When I first met this character, I wondered why he never smiled, and then, we saw his backstory, and it made sense. Levi lost his mum young, was groomed as a child vigilante and lost many of his friends. Let’s not add that he lives in a flesh-eating Titan-riddled world.

Ash Lynx (Banana Fish)

You know those characters that just go through too much for no reason? That’s Ash. He was abused as a child, involved in the mafia, had to watch his brother get shipped to war then learn he had a mindless death over some stupid drug. As if all those weren’t enough, he also had to witness his friend’s kidnap multiple times, lost his best friend and was imprisoned in a human experimentation hospital. Someone give this guy a hug, abeg.

Shiro (Deadman Wonderland)

Shiro isn’t even a good guy, but she still didn’t have to suffer like that. Imagine thinking you’ve found the perfect family to adopt you, then they start experimenting on you. Anime governments need to be beaten because, what? The constant injections made her body weak, and eventually, her mental state crumbled. All this babe wanted was love, and she got the opposite of it.

Akira Fudo (Devilman Crybaby)

Imagine your best friend was satan. Instead of enjoying his wickedness alone, mans forces you to turn into a demon and makes sure everyone you love gets killed for some weird utopia he wants for the both of you. Anytime you catch your breath, he’s like, “I raise you even more pain”.

Special mention: Guts (Beresk)

Imagine being born from a corpse, your best friend betraying you and being in immense pain and suffering until the day you die. No reincarnation for a better life, just back-to-back shege. On top of all that suffering, mans still went to hell. A1 in suffering for real.

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While Johnny Depp was willing to duplication his part for a Agony On Elm Street effect, unfortunately, observers missed out on this gem due to an doubtful issue.

As a director, Wes Craven was noway short of whim-whams. The horror legend made his mark in the kidney with Last House on the Left and The Hills Have Eyes, a brace of bleak, unstinting 70s exploitation pictures that hid sharp social commentary under a lot of tense set- pieces, horrible spear, and hopelessly dark plot twists.

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Despite the ultimate fan love she received for the viral Wednesday dance, the actress seems to think she could have done better.

Quickly becoming one of Netflix‘s biggest hits ever, Wednesday is marching through Twitter threads, TikTok videos, and Instagram reels and garnering views and likes months after the premiere. All of this thanks to the show’s most popular scene — the Wednesday dance to The Cramps’ Goo Goo Muck at the school disco at Nevermore.

However, speaking with Entertainment Tonightat the Golden Globes ceremony, the show’s main star Jenna Ortega revealed that she isn’t fully satisfied with the final result.

“There was so much I could have done and should have done. So, the fact that anyone has shown any appreciation or even tried it themselves is unfathomable to me,” the actress said, commenting on the Wednesday dance’s viral popularity.

Ortega choreographed the dance herself, somehow managing to combine improvisation and old goth moves. Besides, she also revealed that she had to film the scene while having coronavirus — something that the actress and the production were heavily criticized for.

Still, despite Ortega’s apparent regrets, the dance scene is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Netflix’s Wednesday. This all started with a TikTok edit that popularized the dance, but with a high-pitched remix of Lady Gaga‘s Bloody Mary instead of the original soundtrack.

Now, Netflix has greenlit Wednesday for a second season — and even used Bloody Mary to promote the upcoming sequel, apparently nodding to the viral song choice. The premiere date for Wednesday season 2 is yet to be announced.

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Jenna Ortega’s love life: Is the ‘Wednesday’ star dating anyone?




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After the enormous success of ‘Wednesday’, everybody wants to know everything about its star Jenna Ortega.The 20-year-old actress has increased her popularity, and with that, it usually comes curiosity about her personal life, especially if she is dating anyone.

In the series, Ortega’s character is in the middle of a love-triangle between Tyler and Xavier, and fans also wish to see a relationship between Wednesday and Enid. However, while Ortega has grown up in the public eye, she has been very protective of her personal life.

As she is set to appear in a romantic comedy with her co-star Percy Hynes White, who recently has been accused by several women of abuse on Twitter (neither the actor or Netflix has addressed them so far), many wonder if they’re romantically involved. Check out what we know.

Does Jenna Ortega have a boyfriend?

As far as we know, Ortega isn’t dating anyone at the moment. However, fans have speculated that Ortega and Hyne White could be an item because she invited him as her date for the Golden Globes. However, anything is confirmed and they can just be friends.

On the other hand, per Netflix Life, J-14 magazine reported that Ortega left the Globes after-party with ‘The Fabelmans’ star Gabriel LaBelle. Certainly, that doesn’t mean anything either but it’s another rumor that is around.

Also, as we said before, Ortega has always been private about her love life. In the past, she has been linked with actor Asher Angel and singer Jacob Sartorius. But, per Capital FM, Ortega denied that she dated any of the guys she has been linked to online during a podcast appearance in 2019.

Per the source, when asked what the craziest thing she ever heard about herself was, she said: “Probably relationships. According to the internet, I dated like six guys, [but I] dated none of them.”

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