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Johnny Depp Is Almost Bankrupt Due To High Expenses And Waste Of Money



Johnny Depp is not going through a stable financial time.

Despite winning the defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard, the actor’s problems with his fortune didn’t disappear.

According to reports, Johnny Depp is on the verge of ruin.

Depp made top-dollar money because of his acting ability, and the multiple successful films he appeared in during his career.

However, Johnny Depp’s economic situation is delicate.

Depp’s high expenses and waste of money:

The luxuries, the ongoing expenses, and the bad administration of his patrimony took debt into almost falling into bankruptcy.

The unstable economic situation that Depp is facing forces him to get a role on the big screen.

Depp needs to obtain liquid assets and savings in the coming months.

How did Johnny Depp squander his fortune?

Employees, art pieces, mansion maintenance, multiple luxury vehicles, and endless economic waste has put Johnny Depp in economic jeopardy.

Johnny Depp always had an eccentric and luxurious life.

Since his beginnings in the social spotlight, Depp was known for his unique taste. Including his relationships with Winona Ryder or Kate Moss through Amber Heard.

However, the media portrays Johnny Depp as a rich and successful person. It does not seem as if the actor was having economic troubles.

The media showed Depp moments of euphoria during the judicial process.

Photographs in suits, arriving in an SUV, and hiring expensive lawyers don’t hide the fact that Depp was struggling.

Johnny Depp enjoys his triumph in the trial in Europe:

People spotted Johnny Depp in Europe before knowing the outcome of his legal process.

Depp made recent appearances with his friend Jeff Beck and had a couple of shows across the Atlantic Ocean.

Johnny Depp plans to return with his band,Hollywood Vampires, in 2023.

The Hollywood Vampires are planning a tour in some European countries.

His new step as a musician will bring Johnny Depp more revenue.



Johnny Depp and Attorney Joelle Rich Dating During U.S Heard Trial




Johnny Depp and his former attorney, Joelle Rich, have actually been a thing for longer than we first thought … but there are no plans for the two to settle down as an exclusive couple any time soon.

Sources connected to the pair tell us … Johnny and Joelle were very much an item during his nasty trial with Amber Heard back in the summer. In fact, we’re told Joelle left her kids and estranged husband in the UK for 2 months while she was in Virginia supporting Johnny.

What’s more, we’re told Joelle had no role in Johnny’s legal defense here in the U.S. … so her appearance in court was strictly for pleasure, no business.

One thing our sources are adamant about — Johnny and Joelle are NOT exclusive. In fact, a source connected to Johnny’s new movie tells us he’s recently been spotted on set getting cozy with a new woman while filming over in France.

We’re told it’s more Joelle who wants it to be a serious relationship than Johnny — as one source put it, “He’s f*****g Johnny Depp” and he’s not going to settle down with one partner — at least not yet.

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Amber Heard Decides To Ignore Johnny Depp New Romance: ‘She Doesn’t Care’




Amber Heard has no interest in her ex-husband Johnny Depp’s life after losing to him in the bombshell defamation case

Following reports that the Pirates of the Caribbean actor is dating his former lawyer Joelle Rich, a source told Entertainment Tonight that the Aquaman star could not care less.

“Amber isn’t paying attention to Johnny or his personal life,” the insider shared with the outlet. “She doesn’t care who he dates and just wants to move forward with her life.”

Depp is said to be romantically involved with Rich who represented him during his UK libel case against The Sun back in 2018.

“Their chemistry is off the charts,” an insider told Us Weekly about the rumoured lovebirds. “It’s serious between them. They are the real deal.”

Despite not being a part of actor’s legal team during his US trial against Heard, the source revealed that Rich was present in the Virginia courtroom to support Depp.

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Out of Johnny Depp, Shia LaBeouf, and Armie Hammer: Who deserves a second chance?




Hammer-Depp-Shia mashup - IG

All three of these Hollywood stars fell from grace but can they redeem themselves?

The #Meetoo movement has been ruthless against men in Hollywood who abuse women, as it should always be. Specific cases of Armie Hammer, Shia LaBeouf and Johnny Depp have taken the spotlight in 2022, all of them are wildly interesting. In previous years, there have been other different cases where Hollywood forgave stars who fell from grace and got back on their feet.

Mel Gibson somehow managed to get back into the industry despite his views on jewish people and the abuse on his ex wife. Robert Downey Jr. also got back on his feet after a troubling past with drug addiction and encounters with the law. These new cases are worth looking at and see which one of them has a better chance at redemption.

Johnny Depp

Even though he is still beloved by the majority of the world, Johnny Depp still made many mistakes against Amber Heard. He lived a toxic relationship with the actress as both of them abused each other. On paper, winning that trial is a great start in order to begin his triumphant return to Hollywood’s good graces. He is already in the middle of production for a new film where he is playing King Louis XI. It’s safe to say Depp already saved his career inside the industry.

Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf is still going through a criminal investigation in which he was accused of sexual assault by FKA Twigs. He recently confessed he hurt the artist and seems highly apologetic about it. Even though he is already returning to the fiom industry, returning to Hollywood will be slightly trickier for him. Francis Ford Coppola already signed him for his new film but other studios won’t be as quick to offer him a job. This one might take a little longer but he is on the right track.


Armie Hammer

Armie Hammer’s situation is by far the most difficult in recent history. It can even be compared to other high profile cases such as Harvey Weinstein or Bill Cosby.Even though he hasn’t technically commited any crimes yet, Hammer has displayed some concerning personality traits. Those texts his former partners and flings shared on social media paint him as a potential cannibal. Adding more insult to injury, Armie’s dark family history isn’t helping his case. Returning to Hollywood is currently out of the question for Armie Hammer.

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