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MAMA 2021 : The Mnet Asian Music Awards



K-Pop Music Awards Ceremony MAMA 2021

The K-Pop Music Awards Ceremony MAMA 2021 Full List Of Nominations, Venue And Date

  • The Mnet Asian Music Awards is one of the biggest South Korean music ceremonies
  • The award ceremony is organized by  CJ E&M, a noble entertainment company
  • This year’s edition of the K-Pop  music awards Ceremony would be held in  South Korea at the CJ ENM Contents World, Paju.
  • Great Asian music stars like TBA, Brave Girls, Twice, D.O and other has been nominated
  • Date : December 11th 2021

The Mnet Asian Music AWards which is also known as MAMA is one of the biggest South Korean music awards ceremony. The awards is annually hosted and organized by CJE&M, a South Korean entertainment and mass media company.

This year’s edition which comes with the title “make some noise” will be hosed by Lee Hyo-ri , a South Korean singer, record producer, activist, actress and television presenter and broadcasted through CJE&M’s music channel Mnet and other international networks.

According to the board of MAMA 2021, all songs that have been released from October 29, 2020, to October 31, 2021, are eligible to be nominated. And also the table below criteria for choosing the best contender in each category.


MAMA professional panel

(Local and foreign)

Digital sales

Record sales

Global music video view counts

Global music platform

(Apple Music)

Online voting

Artist of the Year






Categories by Artist[a]

Song of the Year






Categories by Genre[b]

Album of the Year[c]





Worldwide Icon of the Year[d]

• 80% (MAMA website)

• 10% (Twitter)

• 10% (Apple Music Playlist Voting

  • Best New Male/Female Artist, Best Male/Female Artist, Best Male/Female Group.
  • ^ Best Dance Performance (Solo/Male/Female Group), Best Vocal Performance (Male/Female/Group), Best Hip-hop & Urban Music, Best Band Performance, Best Collaboration, Best OST.
  • ^ Only albums with 5 new songs or more.
  • ^ a b Pre-voting will be held from November 4 to 22, 2021. Main voting period will be held from November 25 until the live broadcast of the show.

a show.

Artists from Japan, Greater China, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam who have worked on songs released from October 1, 2020, to September 30, 2021.[6]

Professional categories

Music experts who participated in the production, creation, activities etc., of K-Pop’s records and digital songs released from October 1, 2020 to September 30, 2021.[6

The below also show the various award categories and nominees

Artist of the Year


Song of the Year




Album of the Year


Worldwide Icon of the Year




Best Male Group

Best Female Group


NCT 127

NCT Dream


Stray Kids

Tomorrow X Together


Brave Girls


Oh My Girl

Red Velvet


Best Male Artist

Best Female Artist




Kang Daniel

Lee Mu-jin






Best Dance Performance – Male Group

Best Dance Performance – Female Group

Stray Kids – “Thunderous

NCT 127 – “Sticker

NCT Dream – “Hot Sauce

Seventeen – “Ready to Love”

Shinee – “Don’t Call Me”

BTS – “Butter

Aespa – “Next Level

Itzy – “In the Morning

Oh My Girl – “Dun Dun Dance”

Red Velvet – “Queendom


Twice – “Alcohol-Free

Best Dance Performance – Solo

Best Vocal Performance

Baekhyun – “Bambi”

Hyuna – “I’m Not Cool

Lisa – “Lalisa

Rosé – “On The Ground

Jeon Somi – “Dumb Dumb

Taeyeon – “Weekend

AKMU – “Nakka” (with IU)

Davichi – “Just Hug Me”

Heize – “Happen”

IU – “Celebrity

Lee Mu-jin – “Traffic Light”

Best OST

Best Collaboration

10cm – “Borrow Your Night” (Romance 101)

Jo Jung-suk – “I Like You” (Hospital Playlist Season 2)

• Choi Yu-ree – “Wish” (Hometown Cha Cha)

Lee Mu-jin – “Rain and You” (Hospital Playlist Season 2)

Yang Yo-seob & Jeong Eun-ji – “Love Day” (2021) (Romance 101)

• AKMU & IU – “Nakka”

Coldplay & BTS – “My Universe

Gaeko & Kwon Jin-ah – “I Feel Like”

Hyolyn & Dasom – “Summer or Summer”

Rain & J.Y. Park – “Switch to Me”

Best New Male Artist

Best New Female Artist







Jo Yu-ri

Kwon Eun-bi



Best HipHop & Urban Music

Best Band Performance

• Ash Island – “Melody”

• Changmo – “GJD”

Jessi – “What Type of X”

Mino – “Run Away”

• Yumdda – “9ucci”

• 10cm – “Sleepless in Seoul”

CNBLUE – “Then, Now and Forever”

Day6 – “You Make Me”

Jannabi – “A Thought on an Autumn Night”

N.Flying – “Moonshot”

The last year’s edition of K-Pop Music awards ceremony MAMA was held online which took place in South Korea due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

  Reference:  @MnetMAMA on Twitter  and Wikipedia  : FullSizeRender


Support To Will Smith Petition Sign Now!




📸: Will Smith

On Tuesday March 27, Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars ceremony for poking fun about Jada’s shaved head, a result of the hair-loss condition alopecia.

Following the slap, The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts and Science, which organises the awards ceremony released a statement to address the issue.

In the statement, the Academy said the 94th Oscars had been “overshadowed by the unacceptable and harmful behaviour we saw Mr Smith exhibit on stage”.

The Academy therefore banned Will Smith from participating in the Oscars gala and other Academy events for 10 years as a disciplinary action.

However, the film industry in response to the Oscars slap is trying to shut Will Smith down. The first thing that has happened is that his productions have been shut down. It has just recently come to light that Apple is delaying its next film with Smith to 2023.

Petition Support to Will Smith

One minute of shortcoming should not question a lifetime of achievements and goodness !

We ask all Will Smith’s business partner to maintain their projects with him ! (Like Netflix, Sony and Warner).

We also ask The Oscars Academy to reduce Will’s banning time, 10 years is disproportional!

We still want to see his greatness, now and forever, and we know he will make everything right

Sign petition here: Support to Will Smith petition 

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Oscars: ABC Open Chris Rock Hosting Next Year




On Tuesday March 27, Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars ceremony for poking fun about Jada’s shaved head, a result of the hair-loss condition alopecia.

ABC will air the 95th Annual Academy Awards on Sunday March 12, and Craig Erwich promises that the Disney-owned network will make the telecast “even better” than this year.

Erwich, who is President of Entertainment at ABC, announced that despite the Will Smith slap on Chris Rock, he thought it was a “really successful year for the show.”

He was also open to the idea of Rock hosting the show.

“My assessment of the Oscars was that it was really a successful year for the show. Obviously there was a lot of controversy, which overshadowed a lot of the positive things about the show, but I was really happy with the program,” he said. “Even before that very unfortunate moment, the show started off up year over year, and we came back in a big way.”

The show, which was hosted by Wanda Sykes, Amy Schumer and Regina Hall, was up nearly 60% in audience and 73% in the key demo from the hostless 2021 Oscars, capturing 16.6M viewers.

“It was the biggest bounce back of any award show this season. If you look at what they were trying to do, which is really bring entertainment back to the program, they had three amazing hosts, clips, and incredible musical performances, I thought it was a great way for the show to reclaim its place on the mantle. There’s always things to learn and we’ll endeavor to do even better next year.”

CODA was the big winner of the 2022 event, winning Best Picture and become the first film distributed by a streamer to win the main award. Obviously, this was overshadowed by the fact that Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock for a joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

The show will air live from the Dolby Theatre at Ovation Hollywood with nominations announced on January 24, 2023.

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Harry Styles Talks Showing His ‘Bum Bum’ On Film, Denies ‘Daylight’ Is About Taylor Swift On Howard Stern




📸: Harry Styles

Harry Styles visited Howard Stern’s SiriusXM show on Wednesday morning (May 18) to perform a pair of tracks from his upcoming Harry’s House album, talk about getting naked on screen and reveal his reaction to Will Smith’s Oscar’s attack on Chris Rock.

But, of course, the things Stern was most interested in was whether the sensual Housesong “Cinema” — which includes the line “if you’re getting yourself wet for me I guess you’re all mine” — is about the singer’s paramour: actress/director Olivia Wilde. “Most of the time when I write songs they kind of start out as, like, I guess mine,” Styles said while measuring his words. “It’s important to write from whatever you’re going through at the time,” he added, saying the goal is to do your best to capture a moment.

Undeterred, the host also dug into the entrancing track “Daylight,” which Styles said is one of his favorites, resulting from a late night “stream of consciousness” moment in the studio that he’s glad he stayed up to capture. After working all day, Harry said his band started working on the song, but everyone was ready to go to bed after a long session. “‘We have to find a way to finish this now,’” he recalled thinking, knowing it wouldn’t be the same in the morning. So, they stayed up all night to finish it and celebrated by watching the sunrise on the beach.

“Reading your horoscope, you were doing cocaine in my kitchen/ You never listen/ I hope you’re missing me by now/ If I was a bluebird I would fly to you/ You be the spoon, dip you in honey so I can stick to you,” Stern said, reciting the lyrics about what he surmised was a lover who had blown Harry off despite his affection. Styles admitted that it was about a particular woman who had not responded in the way he had anticipated, leaving him frustrated.

A master of research and never afraid to make connections where they may or may not be, Howard also noted that Styles’ former girlfriend Taylor Swift also had a song called “Daylight,” cheekily wondering if he was reading too much into things. “You’re smiling,” he said to Styles. “You know I’d love to tell you you’re spot-on, but you’re not,” Harry said of the summery R&B jam. “We will always wonder.”

And while Howard loves to imagine that the rock lifestyle involves partying all night and ingesting substances, Styles said he owes it to his fans to show up in the best shape possible and that he no longer parties after the novelty wore off during his One Direction years. “I try and think of it like almost like an athlete would approach something like that… it’s a pretty incredible thing I get to do and I love it so much so to treat it as such it doesn’t feel like a sacrifice,” he said. “For this 2 hours a night I want to give it 100%.”

Stern also asked about the song “Medicine,” which Styles often plays live, but which hasn’t made it onto a record so far despite being a fan favorite. When the SiriusXM host noted that it seems to be a kind of anthem for fans who are thinking about coming out, Styles said he might reconsider and record it for an album some day, but that performing it live is clearly about creating a welcoming space for his LGBTQ+ fans.

“It’s definitely about feeling like there’s a space where people feel safe enough to kind of share, have those big moments and share them with a room full of people,” said Styles, who added that it’s one of the things he’s most proud of. When Stern asked Styles what he thinks about the current fear among some people in the U.S. that gay marriage and reproductive rights might be rolled back in light of the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion suggesting that the landmark abortion rights ruling in Roe v. Wade might be overturned, Styles had a predictably thoughtful, inclusive answer.

“A lot of people are taking the right steps to make positive things happen,” he said. “And people who don’t like that are clawing to grapple back any ground that they feel like they’ve lost, which never belonged to them in the first place… I just don’t think anyone should be able to make decisions about anyone’s else’s body. It doesn’t really make any sense to me… I don’t really know where that ends.”

Styles said that kind of talk is “quite scary” and backwards-thinking and he doesn’t know where it ends. “There should be backlash and uproar for these things,” he suggested. But when the radio host tried to get the singer to weigh in on whether he feels safe on stage in light of Will Smith’s attack on Chris Rock at this year’s Oscars, Styles was more guarded. Calling the smack heard ’round the world “incredibly shocking,” Harry said he didn’t want to pile on to the already voluminous amount of commentary on the incident, but opined that it made him “very uncomfortable” and that he didn’t think it was “very cool.”

“I think there’s a boundary that people cross because it’s a blurry line about what part of you is available to people and what is not,” he said haltingly. “Sometimes they take parts of you that don’t belong to them.”

There was some juicy red meat elsewhere, as when Harry revealed that he shows his “bum-bum” in the upcoming film My Policeman (but “no peen”), during which he had to “wear a gas mask” while make-up artists airbrushed his many tattoos for his naked scenes. Stern also wondered what it was like to have love scenes in Don’t Worry Darling, and to fall in love while making it with the film’s director, Wilde. “I had a wonderful experience being directed by Olivia,” Styles offered diplomatically, later explaining that he’s learned the importance of keeping his private life to himself. “Being able to trust your director is a gift. That was very helpful and it really made for a nice experience working on that movie.”

Though he did not get the part, Styles described auditioning for Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis biopic, calling The King’s music “incredibly sacred” in describing why he felt compelled to give the role a shot. “I was very intrigued by it… I feel like if a director feels like I’m not the best person for the role then it’s better for them and it’s better for me, “he said. “If they think the movie’s going to be better with someone else then I don’t want to do it because I don’t want to be the not as-good version.”

Styles also admitted he doesn’t look much like Presley and that he was not insulted about not getting the role after an audition that included reading a few scenes and re-creating an iconic Elvis Las Vegas performance.

The appearance ended with a pair of performances, including “Daylight” and the Simon & Garfunkel-like ode to deceitful lovers, “Boyfriends” as well as a preview of “Daydreaming,” one of two songs on the new album that features guitar from John Mayer. Styles will celebrate Friday’s (May 20) release of Harry’s House with a limited “One Night Only In New York” concert on the day it drops at USB Arena; it will also stream exclusively on Apple Music for fans who have a subscription to the platform to tune in at 9 p.m. ET.

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