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Meet the 17-Year Old Black Student Getting Paid $100K to Play High School Basketball



At the age of 17, Bryson Warren earns at least $100,000 a year as a high school student-athlete through Overtime Elite, a New York-based company that recruits outstanding teenage basketball players around the world to play at its academy in Atlanta.

Warren, who is a native of Little Rock, Arkansas, was ranked by ESPN as no. 14 basketball player in his age group across the US. He has received offers from prestigious athletic programs since he was 14-years old. Most recently, he chose to sign with Overtime Elite, becoming the 8th five-star recruit and one of the top guard prospects. 

As an athlete at Overtime, Warren still attends regular classes in the afternoon after training and practice on weekdays. He could get a high school diploma and eventually take college-level courses. At the same time, he would be earning at least $100,000 with on-court performance bonuses of over $1 million.

“Not too many 17-, 18-, 19-year-olds can say they made at least $100K,” Warren told CNBC. “We’re just really getting a head start on life, just playing the game we love.”

Warren uses part of his salary to make a positive impact on the community by investing in a local co-educational AAU basketball team in his hometown in Arkansas which helps support kids from 2nd to 6th grade.

Moreover, Warren is looking forward the most to reach his NBA dream. He hopes that joining Overtime Elite serves as a stepping stone for him to get drafted into the NBA one day. He is aware that the path he chose to take was not usual for teenagers like him, but he is confident that he would continue towards his success.

“You could see Overtime as a risk, or you can see it as an opportunity,” he says. “This is the opportunity I chose, and it’s the one I’m going to live with, and I’m at peace now.”

Follow Bryson Warren on Instagram @hesifambryson

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What happened to Travis Rudolph? Ex-NFL WR faces murder trial over death of Sebastien Jean-Jacques




Former NFL wide receiver Travis Rudolph faces murder trial in a shooting incident from April 2021.

He is charged with one count of first-degree murder over the death of Sebastien Jean-Jacques. The former Florida State star also faces three counts of attempted first-degree murder.

Both sides presented their arguments on the first day of the trial. The prosecution insisted that Rudolph was the aggressor, while the defense maintained that he was the victim.

Last year, Rudolph asked Judge Jeffrey Gillen to dismiss the case on the ground of Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law. Gillen denied the request. Now, the jury will decide if Rudolph instigated Jean-Jacques’ death or shot him in self-defense.

Updates on the Travis Rudolph murder trial

The Palm Beach Post reports that Dominique Jones, Travis Rudolph’s ex-girlfriend, took the witness stand on Day 1 of the trial. She recalled an argument on that fateful night after discovering her partner’s infidelity.

She said her emotions got the better of her, and she texted her brother, Keishaun Jones, saying, “Please go shoot his s*** up.” Jones admitted that it was a horrible choice of words.

Meanwhile, Keishaun Jones testified that he and three other men arrived at Rudolph’s residence to demand an apology, not to assault. He also clarified that Jean-Jacques did not point a firearm toward the defendant.

However, Tyler Robinson, one of the three men with Jean-Jacques, admitted that he had a gun in his pocket. He brought the firearm because he was upset that Rudolph physically assaulted Jones.

One of Rudolph’s neighbors, Ruben Estes, said that Dominique Jones slapped her then-boyfriend after learning about his cheating. He also said that a confrontation took place between Rudolph and Jones’ brother’s entourage.

But while he didn’t see the men exposing weapons, Estes managed to retrieve his firearm before hearing shots fired by Travis Rudolph. After the shooting, he saw Rudolph walking back to his home with a rifle in hand.

The incident happened in the residence of Rudolph’s mother, and it was revealed that she convinced the visitors to watch the recorded door camera footage of Jones hitting her son.

Rudolph was arrested following that incident on April 7, 2021. He allegedly fired 39 rounds of an AR-15 pistol, killing Jean-Jacques and wounding others.

In April 2022, his attorney successfully negotiated his release from jail on a $160,000 cash bond. The presiding judge ordered that Rudolph would remain on house arrest.

Travis Rudolph’s football career

The Florida native went undrafted in 2017 despite being a Second-Team All-ACC member the year before. But the New York Giants took a chance by signing him as an undrafted free agent.

He made it to the active roster after injuries to several starters at wide receiver. However, he didn’t do much and was waived before the 2018 season.

The Miami Dolphins signed him to their practice squad. Unfortunately, an ACL tear relegated him to the practice squad/injured list. He ended his NFL career with eight catches for 101 yards.

Travis Rudolph tried his luck in the Canadian Football League by signing with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on January 2020. The team released him on April 2021.

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UFC Star ‘catches wife in bed with mate on Wedding Night’




UFC fighter Tim Elliott claims his ex-wife cheated on him with his friend on their WEDDING NIGHT and during their ‘entire marriage’.

UFC flyweight fighter Tim Elliott has accused his ex-wife Gina Mazany of cheating on him with his friend and teammate Kevin Croom throughout their marriage – including on their wedding night, it’s been reported by The New York Post.

The report found Elliott took to Twitter to make his accusations – posting a picture of Mazany reading wedding vows to his daughter Sterling (who he had through a past marriage) while Croom holds a microphone for her.

‘You want to see something gross? This is my “wife” reading vows to my daughter on our “wedding” night,’ Elliott wrote.

‘The guy holding the microphone was my “friend/teammate” my wife cheated on me with this guy the same night! and they have had a relationship our entire “marriage.”‘

The Post reports Elliott also says that he is no longer married to Mazany. He also says Mazany and Croom are currently together. has reached out to their representatives for comment.

UFC flyweight fighter Tim Elliott is reportedly accusing his ex-wife of infidelity in a Twitter post

  Gina Mazany

Kevin Croom

Elliott made this post, calling out Mazany’s infidelity with his friend Croom (holding mic)

Elliott says he found out about the alleged infidelity through text messages sent by Mazany to a friend, according to the report.He also says Mazany later confessed to him.He also says that the wedding night cheating happened as he went back home to put his daughter to sleep. Mazany didn’t go back with him afterwards due to ‘friends there from out of state’.

Elliott poses for a portrait with now ex-wife Mazany after his UFC victory back in July 2020

Mazany has deleted her Instagram account but pictures of the couple are still on Elliott’s page

Elliott and Mazany at the annual Fighters Only World MMA Awards in Las Vegas in July 2019

Mazany has deleted her Instagram account recently. However, there are a number of posts of the former couple still up on Elliott’s page.

Both Mazany and Croom were cut by the UFC last April following losses – but they have since pursued other promotions.

Elliott has not fought in the UFC since his appearance in UFC 272 where he defeated Tagir Ulanbekov by unanimous decision.

He’s next scheduled to face Victor Altamirano on June 3.

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Former NFL player Chris Smith dies at 31




Getty Images

Former NFL star Chris Smith has died, his agent announced on Twitter. He was 31.
Smith, who was a former defensive lineman for the Cleveland Browns, spent eight years in the NFL and played for multiple teams including the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Cincinnati Bengals and the Las Vegas Raiders.
His cause of death was not immediately known.
On social media, tributes poured in for the former player.
“Chris was one of the kindest people, team-mates and friends we’ve had in our organisation,” the Browns team wrote on Twitter.

Smith began his NFL career in 2014 when he was drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars as a defensive lineman. But his personal life was marred by tragedy. In 2019, his girlfriend Petara Cordero was killed in a car accident just weeks after giving birth to their child.

Chris Smith played for the BrownsIMAGE SOURCE, GETTY IMAGES

Image caption, Chris Smith played for multiple teams in the NFL including the Cleveland Browns

Tony Khan, son of Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan, described Smith as a “great team-mate and friend”.

“He suffered a tragic loss,” he wrote on Twitter. “I hope they are reunited in Heaven.”

Smith spent three seasons with the Jaguars before going on to play for the Cincinnati Bengals and the Cleveland Browns. But before he joined the NFL, he was a hometown hero and star of his North Carolina high school football team, according to a local newspaper.

“He had been the ultimate give-back guy and had been a generous donor to local schools and projects,” the Salisbury Post wrote in an obituary.

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