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Nicki Minaj Fires Back At Recent Criticism: B*tchs Would Hate On A Cardboard Box



📸: Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has shared a lengthy post on Instagram where she called out people for hating on her and her hair.

The rapper shared a video of her hair being blow-dried and getting combed out as it ran down her back. She pointed out that she has been growing her hair without a perm.

“I’m there. I’m L Long hair don’t care. Steady starin @ my ear cuz my ear on glare. Now it’s not hard to find me. Top behind me. You be Harry Potter & I’ll be Hermoine #StillNoPerm yet,” she said before adding that her ends were trimmed after the video was made.

Some social media users swiftly reacted to the post as they dragged her hair for not being trimmed.

“Nicki talking bout long hair don’t care baby you need a trim and a treatment,” one woman said on Twitter.

Nicki in response to the comments about her hair shared a lengthy post on Instagram. Her post reads,

“B*tchs would hate on a cardboard box.

If you wanna know how thick my hair is go ask the ppl who do it how long it takes to straighten it out. We all have diff texture FOLLICLES. wait wtf did I just say? But yes it’s true,” she began.

“I do vids like this after taking my braids out & b4 trimming it. Most times I just blow dry but I think this time I flat ironed it- but the roots are never completely straight cuz I don’t have chemicals in it (so it falls different) & it’s not bumped @ the ends cuz I’m not wearing it as a style to go out,” she added.


Why Johnny Depp’s Upcoming Gregg Brooks Assault Trial Will Not Be Televised




It has been reported that cameras have not been permitted to be in the courtroom for Johnny Depp's upcoming assault trial. Depp is pictured above testifying at the Fairfax County Circuit Court during his recent defamation trial on April 25, 2022. STEVE HELBER/POOL/AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES

When Johnny Depp returns to court next month to fight assault allegations, it will likely not become a spectacle reminiscent of his recent defamation trial, as requests for the proceedings to be televised have been denied.

During his six-week defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard, viewers were able to tune in on a daily basis to catch all of the drama live as it was broadcast from Virginia’s Fairfax County Circuit Court.

This time around, Depp will face film crew member Gregg “Rocky” Brooks, who has accused the actor of punching him in the chest during a dispute on the Los Angeles set of the actor’s film City of Lies in April 2017. However, fans hoping for a front-row seat to the proceedings from the convenience of their homes will be disappointed to learn that this trial will not be a repeat performance of Depp’s previous trial in that regard.

The Law & Crime Network, which live-streamed Depp’s defamation trial, said that its request submitted to Los Angeles County Superior Court for permission to broadcast the trial when it begins on July 25 has been denied.

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We’ve Heard Too Much, Amber

The reasoning around permitting  or denying requests to broadcast courtroom proceedings for each case is different. Penney Azcarate, the chief judge of the Fairfax County Circuit Court, granted permission for Court TV to operate two pool cameras in the courtroom for the Depp-Heard trial.

During a pre-trial hearing in February, Heard’s team had tried unsuccessfully to exclude cameras from the courtroom, with the Aquaman star’s lawyer, Elaine Bredehoft, expressing concern of interest from “anti-Amber networks,” according to Variety.

Ben Chew, one of the attorneys representing Depp, said that his client “believes in transparency” as he pushed for the inclusion of cameras during proceedings. In the end, Azcarate said that she had been inundated with media requests and felt a responsibility to keep the courtroom proceedings open to observers.

The judge also stated that not allowing cameras could lead to reporters descending on the courthouse anyway, leading to a potentially hazardous situation.

“I don’t see any good cause not to do it,” Azcarate said ahead of the trial.

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Johnny Depp’s Legal Team Toast Victory




On Wednesday 1 June, Johnny Depp won the $50-million defamation case against his ex wife Amber Heard.

Heard was sued for an opinion piece she published in The Washington Post. The court’s decision was much lower than initially demanded by Depp’s legal team as it ordered Heard to pay $10.35 million to him in damages.

After winning the defamation case, Depp’s legal team celebrated their  victory in New York Yesterday.

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Ireland Baldwin Calls Amber Heard ‘Disaster Of A Human Being’




Ireland Baldwin has called Amber Heard an “absolute disaster of a human being” following a viral video where Heard admitted to have abused Johnny Depp.

During the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial, the court played an audio recording in which Heard could be heard admitting that she had hit Deppand explaining that she was not certain of all the details due to being “on an Ambien,” a medication primarily used for the short-term treatment of sleeping problems.

A video clip of Pirates of the Caribbean star Depp looking sullen as the recording was played in court went viral on Twitter, clocking up millions of views in the hours that followed the broadcast of the day’s proceedings.

Sharing a screenshot of the Twitter post on her Instagram Story, Baldwin, whose father is actor Alec Baldwin, expressed support for Depp as she gave her take on the matter.

“The thing is, I know women who are exactly like this,” read the text added to the screenshot the model shared. “They are manipulative and cold and they use their very womanhood to play victim and turn the world against the man because we live in a society where it’s cool to say men are all the worst and blah blah f***ity blah.

“Men can experience abuse too and this absolute disaster of a human being Amber Heard is a terrible person and I hope Johnny gets his reputation and his life back. And I hope he’s in like 5 Pirates movies.”

When the recording was played in court, Heard was heard telling Depp: “You told me to do it. You told me ‘go do that.'”

“You punched me in the f****** thing,” Depp responded in the viral clip.

“You figured it all out,” Aquaman star Heard added. “I didn’t punch you by the way.”

“I’m sorry that I didn’t hit you across the face in a proper slap,” she continued. “I was hitting you, I was not punching you. You’re not punched.”

“Don’t tell me what it feels like to be punched,” Depp said.

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