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The Irrational Fear Of President Putin



More than anything else, President  Putin is concerned that Russians are not having enough sex. Since the Fall of the Soviet Union, Russia has suffered a few decades of negative population growth.

Natural Population Growth of Russia : 1950 – 2014

The negative population growth has led to a number of economic and demographic challenges.Population drives economics. All things being equal, the more people in a country, the more economic activity. Quite naturally Putin wants to see Russia return to the world stage as a superpower. To his credit, he has done a spectacular job on defense with limited means, but there is only so much that Putin can do over the long term for Russia unless he is able to reverse demographic trends. If Russia is to remain a superpower, Putin needs to find some way to get Russian women to have more children.

However, Russian economy is driven by resource extraction, where a higher population does not equal higher production. IMF states that oil natural gas and other energy resources accounted for only 16% of Russia ‘s economic output in 2018(and 70% of exports). Russia is much more dependent on natural Resources than most major economies, but not to the level of other oil rich nations. Russia is the world’s 11th largest economy, has Europe’s 5th largest manufacturing output behind Gemany, Italy, France and UK.

Also, Russia is Europe’s 5th largest consumer of goods and services behind Germany, UK, Italy and France. Their tech and financial service industries are also the largest in Eastern and South Eastern Europe by a significant margin.


38 Nigerians Have Been Killed While Fighting For Ukraine Against Russia: Report




According to the Russian Ministry of Defense (RuMOD), 38 Nigerians have been killed while fighting for Ukraine against Russia.

In a report published by the Russian Ministry of Defense, it was stated that 85 Nigerians arrived in Ukraine after a global call was made by Ukraine for assistance. While 38 have been killed so far in the war between Ukraine and Russia, 35 have returned to Nigeria and 12 are still fighting to defend Ukraine.

“Against the backdrop of the Kiev regime’s mounting military failures and massive daily losses in manpower and equipment, the flow of foreign mercenaries to Ukraine has not only decreased, but is actually turning in the opposite direction,” Russian Defense Ministry stated.

While dozens are left fighting for Ukraine in its ongoing war with Russia, there have been reports of many returning to their home country, despite the increase in payments to fight for Kiev, the Capital city of Ukraine.

“Despite the Kiev regime’s efforts and increased payments, the process of mercenaries leaving to the ‘other world’ or back to their countries of residence has not been stopped by the Kiev leadership”, the statement added.

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NPP Government Shared Covid Funds In 2020 Polls, A Member Of Parliament Says




Kwame Agbodza

I saw it in Adaklu, [NPP] were distributing the covid funds – Agbodza

Member of Parliament for Adaklu, Kwame Agbodza has claimed that he saw New Patriotic Party (NPP) executives sharing funds that were meant for the fight against Covid-19, in his constituency during the 2020 elections.

He said on the New Day show on TV3, Monday June 6 with Johnnie Hughes that he personally saw the executives of the governing party involved in the money sharing.

“I saw it in Adaklu, [NPP] were distributing the money,” he stressed.

But the Member of Parliament for Sekondi, Andrew Egyapa Mercer denied the claims saying no such thing happened as far as he is concerned.

He explained that due to the impact of the coronavirus, loans were made available to small businesses to enable them keep their enterprises afloat.

This, he said, is probably, being misconstrued by the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) to be money sharing for votes.

“We just came out of pandemic,” he said, adding that ” facilities were given to private businesses due to the impact of the Covid on their businesses.”

However, Mr Agbodza challenged that assertion again, asking “Does National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI) give money to businesses due to party affiliations?”

“The money was not meant for businesses they were meant for the NPP to chop,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, the Minority in Parliament has said President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo must authorize a probe into Covid -19 spending if he has respect for the Constitution.

Minority Leader Haruna Iddrisu while addressing the press in Parliament on Tuesday May 31 said the 1992 Constitution was premised on probity and accountability.

To that end, he said, the President must explain how the funds were utilized if he has respect for the Constitution.

“If president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has any respect for the tenets and values of accountability and transparency, then he should to authorize a pubic probe or inquiry into how the over ¢19bn Covid monies were disbursed.”

“We are further scandalized and we are calling on president Nana Akufo-Addo and reminding him that the 1992 Constitution is premised on probity and accountability and that if he has nay respect for the values and integrity let him probe Covid spending,” he added.

It is recalled that Former President John Dramani Mahama also dared the government to challenge his claim of misappropriation of Covid-19 funds by allowing an independent forensic audit into how Covid-19 funds were used.

He had accused the government of diverting funds, during a public lecture he gave at the Harvard Business School .

He said “…to make matters worse a pandemic windfall in excess of Ghs33bn which could’ve cushioned the economy remain unaudited and it is believed to have been used largely in a quest to win election 2020 at all cost” he told participants.

Mr Mahama who was the main speaker at the 4th summit of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Professionals Forum in Kumasi stated he maintained his claim and challenged the government to prove him wrong with a forensic audit.

“The only way you can prove me wrong and say that that money was not used for election 2020 is to allow an independent forensic audit into how the money was used,” he said.

But Presidential Advisor on Health, Dr Anthony Nsiah Asare dismissed Mr Mahama’s claims.

Speaking in interview with TV3, Dr Nsiah Asare said “For anybody especially the Former Head of State who has been in government before, who has been the leader of this country before, should say this thing at an international forum, to me it is something that should be condemned.

“If you get international fora and you are speaking about about your country, it is the time for you to let people know what Ghana has done so far as Covid -19 is concerned.”


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Mark Cuban Supports President Biden’s proposal To Cancel $10,000 In Student Debt Per Borrower




Mark Cuban on the set of "Shark Tank". / Source:

Mark Cuban supports Biden‘s proposal to forgive $10,000 in student debt per borrower as long as ‘ridiculous tuition fees’ are addressed alongside it: ‘We don’t want this being a perennial problem’

That’s a reversal from his previous position that cancellation would bail out universities.He said making sure higher-ed institutions can’t charge “ridiculous” fees is a more pressing issue.

Mark Cuban, one of the wealthiest people in America, is on board with student-debt forgiveness.

At least, partial student-debt forgiveness, Cuban told Insider. In addition to saying that community colleges should be free, the billionaire entrepreneur, TV personality, and owner of the Dallas Mavericks came out in favor of President Joe Biden’s proposal to cancel $10,000 in student debt per borrower.

“We don’t want this being a perennial problem,” he wrote in an email. “It has to be fixed. As far as how much should be forgiven, I’m good with the Biden proposal.”

Pressure has been mounting over the past two years for Biden to cancel student debt, especially as midterms approach. His campaign pledge to cancel $10,000 is, to this day, the strongest commitment he’s made toward relief.

Over the years, Cuban has been consistent about his view that lowering student debt would improve the economy, although his position has always been that colleges and universities charging “ridiculous tuition fees” is his biggest concern. In fact, he’s previously said that canceling student debt is “the worst thing you can do.”

“All it does is bail out the universities,” he saidin 2015.

Even though Cuban is in favor of easing some of the $1.7 trillion-plus in cumulative student debt among Americans, he still says the exorbitant cost of higher education is a more important target.

“How do we keep students from repeating the same mistakes?” he said.

Biden recently said that a decision on student-loan forgiveness would be made in the coming weeks, and while it’s unclear what amount he might settle on, some reports have suggested he might target the relief to those making under $125,000 a year a task Politico reported would be difficult for the Education Department to do on its own.

And Cuban’s concerns with soaring tuition are shared among other Democratic lawmakers pushing for debt relief. Michigan Rep. Andy Levin, the original sponsor of free-community-college legislation in the House, previously told Insider the student-debt crisis would “absolutely be exacerbated” if free college didn’t come next. And an education secretary who served under President Barack Obama told Insider earlier this year that the lack of free community college was a policy failure Biden could correct.

“This is really a moment to correct a policy mistake of the last 40 years in terms of federal and state disinvestment, particularly from public higher education,” John King said.

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