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Why Didn’t The Jury Find Amber Heard Credible?



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Amber Heard didn’t win outright on the jury defamation case Some legal experts said she was brought in by her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, because the panel most likely determined he lacked credibility.

The lawsuit focused on an op-ed heard published in The Washington Post in 2018. In the piece, which does not name Depp, Heard said she had become a “public figure representing domestic abuse.” Depp’s lawyers said this indirectly referred to the allegations leveled against him during their 2016 divorce.

Depp was awarded $10 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages. Fairfax County Circuit Judge Penny Ezcart reduced Depp’s punitive damages to $350,000, which is the state’s statutory limit, or legal limit, bringing his total damages to $10.4 million.

Hurd, who countered, was awarded $2 million in compensatory damages but $0 in punitive damages. He plan to appeal,

Some experts, such as NBC News and MSNBC legal analyst Danny Savelos, said the jury found the verdict wrong, suggesting that the trial should not be at fault for either side.

“The jury should have instead held neither party liable” Depp’s $50 million lawsuit against Heard and Heard’s $100 million countersuit,” Cevallos wrote In one opinion, saying that “there was a lot of evidence in this case” to prove why. “In other words, no one should have won; Everyone should have lost.”

In interviews on Wednesday, three other legal experts said Depp’s victory was particularly surprising, given that he lost a defamation case in the United Kingdom two years ago.

Depp sued the parent company in 2018 for calling The Sun and the newspaper’s executive editor a “wife beater.” Justice Andrew Nicholl ruled against Depp in 2020, saying British tabloids had produced enough evidence to show that Depp was violent against Heard. On at least 12 occasions out of 14.

But a seven-person jury in Fairfax County, Virginia, “found Amber Heard not credible at all,” said Limor Mozdehijad, a family law plaintiff in Los Angeles who updated her more than 447,000 TikTok followers about the trial. .
“For a jury to find genuine malice and defamation in a case like this, it really has to be that they didn’t find Amber Heard credible and that they stopped hearing her case,” Mojdehijad said.

The jury, which began deliberations on Friday, came to its decision after nearly 13 hours over three days. The high-profile trial was broadcast across the country and garnered many headlines.

Legal experts who spoke to NBC News, including Mojdehijad, said there are a myriad of reasons why the jury may have found Heard less credible, including how he gave his testimony and the disparity in quality between the legal teams appointed by Heard and Depp. is included.

Mojdehijad said factors such as the body language of Herds and Depp and the length of the test may also have played a role in the outcome.

Criminal defense lawyer and retired judge Haleem Dhanidina said the jury members, who were not set aside, could have been exposed to material related to the case on social media.

“The jury is given wide latitude in determining the credibility of witnesses, and can include not only what a person says but how they say it,” Dhanidina said. “And the jury had plenty of time to evaluate Amber Heard and her testimony.”

Some say Depp made his case well

When asked what might have tarnished Heard’s credibility the most on the stand, Mozdehizad said Depp, who testified before Heard, established his case “really well.”

“The proof that Johnny Depp got here, took six weeks of testing. … Not many people can have their cases this way,” she said. “Johnny had a unique case. He is a unique individual.”

Experts said Depp explained his side of the relationship well and had strong witnesses who were able to poke holes in Heard’s story before he ever uttered a word in court.

Shannon Curry Mozdehijad, the clinical psychologist who testified on Depp’s behalf, helped portray Heard as an exaggeration.

Curry, who spent 12 hours with Heard, described her as suffering from borderline personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder. She argued that Don Hughes, a clinical psychologist called to the stand by Heard’s legal team, did not administer proper testing to arrive at the diagnosis that Heard had post-traumatic stress disorder.

Depp’s team “Dr. Curry told us what to expect from Amber’s personality,” Mozdehijad said. “And Dr. Curry was a fan favorite.”

Brett Turnbull, a lawyer, It also said that the audio played in the courtroom may have damaged Heard’s credibility.

Depp’s lawyer played audio in which Heard told Depp that he should tell the world he was a victim of domestic abuse and that it was a “fair fight.” In another audio clip, Heard told Depp that “was killing“Him, but didn’t “punch” him as he claimed.

Heard was “basically trying to use different words to characterize the alleged abuse by Depp, which was too confusing, misleading, and not a good character builder for him,” Turnbull said.

Dhanidina said Depp’s legal team also appears to be more organized and provides stronger evidence and more credible witnesses. In such high-profile cases, the skill of the legal team matters, he added.

Heard’s makeup clarification could have sparked

Experts said discrepancies in the case, some of which were brought up by his own legal team, could also have hurt Hurd’s credibility.

Dhanidina pointed to suggestions from Heard’s attorneys that she used a certain makeup kit that wasn’t available to actually hide the bruise during her relationship with Depp.

In early statements, Heard’s attorney held the Milani Cosmetics color-correcting palette, saying that Heard had used it to help heal injuries while being abused by her ex-husband.

Milani Cosmetics denied that, saying that its Conceal + Perfect All-in-One Correcting Kit wasn’t released until December 2017 — more than a year after Hurd filed for a temporary restraining order. Depp supporters used the issue online to allege that Heard was lying about the abuse.

heard later Clarified what makeup products she used while she was on the stand. She told the court that she used the makeup she referred to as a “bruise kit,” using a theater makeup kit to hide her injuries.

But moments like these could have flagged jurors’ minds, Dhanidina said.

What could be the future for similar cases

Some legal experts feared the jury’s decision could set a dangerous precedent for domestic violence survivors.

Heard, who met Depp on the set of the film “The Rum Diary” in 2011 and married him in 2015, testified about several incidents of alleged physical abuse before and during their marriage, saying that their violent episodes were usually But some were caused by a combination of alcohol. , drugs or jealousy. Depp has denied being violent with Heard or any other woman.

She said the first act of physical violence occurred in 2013, adding that he slapped her three times in a day while he laughed at one of his tattoos. “I’ll never forget it,” said Hurd. “It changed my life.”

Heard alleges other incidents of physical violence, describing the occasions when, she said, Depp slapped her, threw her to the ground, grabbed her by the hair, pushed her against a wall, hit her head. and threw objects including drinking glasses. And a cellphone.

Heard’s lawyers presented evidence they said supported her claims, including cellphone photos of Heard with bruises on her face, texts sent to Depp using violent language, and an audio recording of Heard blatantly Rupa was pleading to put down a knife. Depp’s lawyers said without providing evidence that the images had been tampered with.

Upon cross-examination, Depp’s lawyers pressed Heard as to why he did not have medical records to substantiate the assault charge.

Jennifer Baker, legal director and senior counsel for the National Judicial Education Program at Legal Momentum, a legal defense and education fund for women, said the ruling could deter domestic violence survivors from speaking out against their abusers.

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, “there has been an explosion of retaliatory lawsuits specifically designed to intimidate and silence survivors,” Baker said.

Experts were mixed about whether the average person can expect an outcome like the Depp-Hurd verdict. Turnbull said that although this is a “very unique case”, similar cases should be brought up again.

“The world lives in the public domain, certainly more than ever,” he said. “It is clear to me, and it is an opinion, that Johnny Depp used this test as an opportunity to rebuild his public image.”

He said he hoped the court system would not be used “as a puppet” for image rehabilitation.

Source: thegooglenews


The Story Of Attah Ameh Oboni – the Nigerian King who Chose Suicide Instead of Bowing to the Queen of England.




Attah Ameh Oboni was a revered Igala King.

At a particular meeting held in Kaduna which consisted of all paramount traditional rulers in Nigeria and which had the queen of England in attendance, Attah Ameh was asked to remove his cap to greet the Queen of England as others had done.

Though he refused until they said he should leave the meeting if he would not remove his cap. But Attah was not like others, or was he?

It was a taboo for Attah to remove his cap in the public. The entire hall where they were staying was occupied by swan of bees which emanates from the cap of Attah Ameh Oboni which he removed in order to greet the Queen.

The Queen of England as well as other rulers in the meeting ran helter-skelter except the friendly Oba of Benin who was asked by Attah Ameh to go out before he removed his cap. The hall became empty as some were stung by the bees and the meeting ended.

According to history, Attah Ameh Oboni was asked to be arrested and handcuffed by the security people, which they did, but the handcuffs fell off his hands.

He was later locked up in a room on the instruction of the Northern rulers and guarded by the security personnel but only to find out later by the personnel that he had left the room. Yes, when the security were taking him to be locked up, he told his driver, Amanabo of blessed memory, to take the car and be going to Idah while the security locked him in the room.

He then warned Amanabo not to look back until he felt a cool breeze in the car. Though Amanabo argued a little that he cannot leave the Attah there but later obeyed and started driving back to Idah from Kaduna.

After some time, he felt the cool breeze in the car, and Attah Ameh was sitted inside the car.

The incident in the meeting made many traditional rulers which were mostly northerners to be angry especially making kings run in such a manner because of bees.

This became one important sin, and it was like “one sin too many”.

The queen of Englnad was also not happy and they (the Queen and northern leaders) started looking for a way to remove Attah Ameh from the throne since he was getting tougher and uncontrollable like others, as well as searching for an obedient replacement.

Igala has various cultural festivals, one of which is Ocho. Ocho is celebrated before farming starts, and it is the time that Attah Igala prays to God for sufficient rainfall, bountiful harvest, success in hunting. It is celebrated in the bush and the venue is called Ere-ocho, where the Attah will hunt until he kills a Buffalo or a strong animal. The community in Idah where Ocho takes place is called Ogo-Efa. He performs a little sacrifice to the ancestors using a fowl in the process, and this was to find out if there will blessings or problems in the land after the Ocho.

Before this time, the enemies at home (among the Igala people), especially those having connections with the leaders of the northern region, were working hard to get any evidence either true or false which can be used to remove him from the throne. The blood of the animal used as sacrifice at Ocho ground now became what the enemies would use against him.

Petition was written by these two Igala people to the Queen and some other Northern leaders that Attah Ameh was sacrificing humans during the Ocho festivals. Since they were looking for any means to displace him with, judgment was quickly passed that he must be dethroned, even when investigations were not yet concluded.

In addition, all the Igala cultural festivals including the Ocho were immediately banned and this remained for almost 63 years until Governor Yahaya Bello unbanned them based on the appeal of the present Attah Igala.

Already, before this time, the Oba of Benin who had such friction with the British had already been dethroned and banished from Benin. So, Attah Ameh Oboni knew that at that point, no matter what spiritual approach applied, it can only postpone the evil day as his enemies will never relent until he was removed by them.

The result of the blood sample which was taken from the Ocho venue and taken to University of Ibadan for analysis had arrived and it was proved that it was the blood of an animal and not human. Sadly, the revered King, Attah Ameh had passed on before the result was brought.

But Attah Ameh, being very sure that he was wrongly accused and framed up by his enemies, especially those from Igala who wrote the petition against him marking the beginning of his planned dethronement, made some pronouncements before his death.

He was allegedly quoted to have said that ” the person who wrote the petition against him would have that hand dried up, and that the leader of the gang or petitioners would be buried three times”. And they all came to pass.

While the hand dried as said, the other was buried as stated, first was the leg, second was his hand and the third was himself, all buried at various times at different locations.

In addition, as this information of his dethronement was given to him in a meeting from where he was supposed to go back to Idah and prepare to leave the throne, he stopped on the way in another Igala land called Dekina.

That was where he committed suicide.

Before taking his life, he was allegedly quoted to have said that the town, Dekina will be popular but its development will not be as much as its popularity.

He was also quoted to have said that because Igala was the genesis of his ordeal, there will be disunity among the Igala people until the reign of his own blood (son) as Attah, and all Igalas irrespective of their locations will be reunited again.

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Ancient Egypt: 3,000-Year-Old Wooden Toe Discovered Near Luxor is World’s Oldest Prosthetic




The big wooden toe that researchers believe could be the oldest prosthetic device in human history. UNIVERSITY OF BASEL

A big wood-and-leather toe from Egypt is the oldest prosthetic discovered so far, researchers believe, and provides an insight into the world of ancient medicine.

Experts found the 3,000-year-old Greville Chester artificial toe attached to a mummy in a tomb near the city of Luxor in 1997; it has been in the Cairo museum ever since. A re-examination of the toe has presented new findings.

Researchers at the University of Basel found that the wooden toe had been refitted several times to the shape of the woman who wore it, that it had signs of wear and that the user, a priest’s daughter, wanted the prosthetic device to be comfortable.

“By using a sophisticated way of fixing the individual parts of the prosthesis to each other, the artificial limb had a balancing effect and gave, to some extent, a freedom of movement,” Andrea Loprieno-Gnirs of the University of Basel told CNN.

Prosthetics replace missing limbs or body parts, allowing those who require them to operate freely. Scientists now believe that this toe is the earliest incarnation of a wearable, aritificial limb.

“There is no other prosthetic device known of this old age displaying the same sophistication. It is a unique piece,” Loprieno-Gnirs said.

Researchers used modern technologies such as X-rays, microscopy and computer imaging to identify details about the prosthetic.

“The technical know-how can be seen particularly well in the mobility of the prosthetic extension and the robust structure of the belt strap,” the researchers said in a press release.

“The fact that the prosthesis was made in such a laborious and meticulous manner indicates that the owner valued a natural look, aesthetics and wearing comfort, and that she was able to count on highly qualified specialists to provide this.”

The university’s research is unpublished thus far as work continues on the big toe.

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12,500-Year-Old Ancient Sphinx Was Recently Found In Pakistan




As the title suggests, a second colossal Sphinx was discovered not too long ago, this time in Pakistan, to be precise.

This is often referred to as the Baluchistan Sphinx. This is especially important because it was discovered less than 6,000 kilometers away from the famous Sphinx from Giza, Egypt.

Having been discovered in Pakistan is especially important here as it appears to be even older than the Sphinx from Giza, which might point towards it has influenced the construction of the Sphinx to begin with.

There have been many civilizations that predated the Egyptian one. Still, this structure in itself appears to be especially important as it could be the first to have ever even constructed a sphinx statue in the first place.

Although many skeptics believe that it is just a random natural structure formed by itself since ancient times, you cannot say that it’s not interesting just how similar it is to the Sphinx from Giza.

We cannot say for sure how old the Giza Sphinx is, as we don’t have any proof of it dating back to any specific period. Still, the Baluchistan Sphinx appears to date back to 12,500 years ago, which is definitely enough to say that it’s most likely older than the Giza structure.

The Giza pyramids appear to date back to 4,500 years ago, so it seems as though this new Sphinx predates the Giza Sphinx.

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